How to be a BAWSE!

I read a book recently written by a very famous YouTuber – Lilly Singh. For the ones who don’t know her by her actual name, she’s also known as Superwoman (@iisuperwomanii). She’s always been so hilarious on screen as well as motivating everyone through her videos. We only looked at her through videos that we didn’t know anything about her personal life.

So when I read her book, it not only motivated me to do better and be a better version of myself, it also made me realize how blessed I was to be a part of this world. She has written something after every few chapters of the book called “Out of the Blue” where she has put in her diary entries when she was depressed and thought she was good for nothing in life and her diary entries after she made tremendous changes in her life!

She’s probably one of my favorite YouTube role model as she puts in thoughts on feminism without offending anyone. She has 50 chapters in this book, everything which teaches us a moral and also some activities after every few chapters. These small activities make us understand what we want out of life and also get to know ourselves better.

Overall, if you’re a teenager, a kid or an adult – having this book definitely gives you a sense of direction and makes us set our priorities straight! It’s a must read and I’ll definitely rate this book a 10/10 as I’ve become so organized and I’ve learnt to balance a lot of things in my life.

So I want you all to grab a copy of this book! What are you guys still waiting for?!

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