5 minutes by Vrinda Singh.

This book is great. It’s a quick read and I finished reading this book within two days. Written by an Indian author, it explains scenarios which are possible to anyone present anywhere in the world! I found this book impressive as there are many scenarios which happen in real life. Daughter who has a supportive mother, emotions of a teenager, the lust present in today’s world, the way people think, love, etc.. are all explained with incidents. It finally all end’s up with love.

It’s about a teenage girl named Pooja and her struggles. The struggle she faced in her college life where she didn’t have any friends to getting a guy who likes her, to copying in lab exams, the lust one of the examiners had for her to meeting a guy who saved her from that professor.. She overcame all those struggles and successfully landed a job in a corporate company where she meets different sorts of people. She expressed the relationship between her and her manager, Jeeva. Jeeva is married, has 2 kids and yet loves Pooja. Most of the focus is on their relationship. Jeeva is very possessive about her, he keeps checking her cell phone which indicated trust issues, checks her call logs to see if she’s in contact with other guys are all a part of this tale. The so called “company trips” they take to have fun and lust – everything is detailed in this story. She’s a fan of writing and towards the end, she has no time for it at all! How her life changes through her teens until she’s 25 is all explained in this book.

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